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12-16-2012, 05:36 PM
Just finished lvling up my newest KDF toon using the mirror event.

Still flying a Captain tier Scourge destroyer with mostly mk vii consoles and weapons.

Anxious to get into a STF so I can jump into the new rep system as quick as possible.

I feel an ISN PUG should be no problem in my little ship, but I accidentally queue up for ISE

Feel bad for bringing a tier 4 ship to an elite STF, but I decide to roll with it and do my best.

Warp in and my team consists of a fleet defiant, armitage, vesta, and oddyssey $$

I feel very underpowered looking at my team mates fancy ships.

Match begins and my whole team is firing rainbows and dropping mines all over the map. Oh boy!

Takes some time to get through the first cube and spheres and it becomes obvious more trouble is ahead.

We move over to the left and a few players immediately take out the first generator before the cube is even close to destroyed.

Option is blown and the rest of the match is an uphill battle.

It's a pain to kill off the spawning spheres fast enough for a shot to kill the transformer, but we manage.

My team mates begin to stack up multiple injuries because their ships seem to be using tinfoil for hulls and they either have no means or don't know how to repair them.

On the right side we are able to get some basic strategy down and kill all the gens at the same time, but unfortunately half the team abandons firing at the transformer and fly over to engage the spheres.

Once again, it's a pain to take down the spheres in time for a shot at the generator.

We solider on.

We are finally able to finish the match after a lengthy engagement with the tac cube.

Somehow, to my surprise, I am able to survive the match without going boom. Which was lucky because I neglected to equip repairable components thinking I was doing normal difficulty.

Sadly, It was quite obvious I was doing the most damage with my little ship throughout the match.

Not trying to toot my own horn. Just highlighting that money spent on the biggest baddest ships available in the game in no way makes up for basic lack of gameplay knowledge.

I will give the team credit for at least keeping up the fight and not bailing on what must of been a 40 minute plus battle.