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12-16-2012, 06:38 PM
Originally Posted by yakumosmith View Post
The majority of the mistakes made were either :-

Pointed out prior to launch of Season 7 and then ignored.
Pointed out early in Season 7 and then ignored.

Players are not paid to provide balancing feedback and solutions to developers. That is their job. Clearly the person making the balancing decisions needs a talking to, only now, nearing Christmas, are we starting to see the debacle of Season 7's initial "balance" finally get repaired.
How is adding more Dilithium and slicing the reputation timers to barely anything unless you're doing XP ones not fixing them.

Also as I've said in other threads, Developers prefer actual data over player opinions, Dan admitted to less than 100 people testing Season 7 on Tribble, now there's no way they could get all the data they needed from just 100 people.

You want content to go out perfect, then get more people on Tribble to test it, don't want to test it, then don't moan when it doesn't go out perfect.