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So I went to the shipyard, saw I could have my captain's yacht and my 'escort both showing up on my UI. Was told this will facilitate entering into missions that require either the small or large ships without my having to go to a shipyard and manually change back and forth. Sounds great, so I did it. Boy do I regret it.

Every time i'm in an STF and get hurt, i do what we always do to repair and get back into the fight. I hit 'U' but behold! instead of my scort my shuttle shows up, and of course it's not damaged because it wasnt in the fight. So I have to click on my scort, click repair damage, and guess what? My Shuttle shows up again! And of course, as I said before, it doesnt have any fricken damage on it so why does it show up on this screen?

I then have to manually pick my scort from a drop down menu, repair the damage, which takes too many steps in the first place (but thats another story) and by then my CD already ended and ive wasted precious seconds of Borg pounding time.

Every single time my main ship gets injured i have to go through this tedious and ridiculous process. Is this a known issue and when will it get fixed. Or am I doing something stupid on my part and there is an easy fix?