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Originally Posted by bluedarky View Post
How is adding more Dilithium and slicing the reputation timers to barely anything unless you're doing XP ones not fixing them.

Also as I've said in other threads, Developers prefer actual data over player opinions, Dan admitted to less than 100 people testing Season 7 on Tribble, now there's no way they could get all the data they needed from just 100 people.

You want content to go out perfect, then get more people on Tribble to test it, don't want to test it, then don't moan when it doesn't go out perfect.
There is 'needing data' and then there is just plain stupid. I don't 'need' test data to tell me that adding a passive shield regeneration ability that heals more than a doff that I just nerfed would be a bad idea.

I do not need test data to tell me that removing a source of dilithium while adding a new source tied to aging content that frankly is embarrassing in quality compared to the new content attached to a mechanic players have complained about since launch is a bad idea. Nor that players can only be playing one type of content at a time so it would be 'ok' to let both grant said reward.

I could go on but I will not. I'm not talking about the small tweaks that are always needed. I'm talking about the huge sweeping changes that have ripple effects in the game and the amount of damage control that was necessary right after season 7 release. I did test on tribble and promptly created a thread of predictions on the economy and so far it has been 100% dead on accurate. I didn't need 'data' to form those predictions they were the logical outcomes.

It just really seems as if they are, at times, very out of touch with both the playerbase and their own game systems. That needs to change. I applaud their rapid responses to the most glaring issues but they never should have existed in the first place.

On top of that they consistently fail to follow threw with intentions. Lets take the entire 'we want all content to provide similar levels of reward'. Is a casual player being rewarded with omega marks in a similar amount as romulan? Strangly enough the hardcore player is having the opposite issue. Is it fair that I run a single FA and get over 1k dil and 50 marks while a fleet alert rewards merely 20ish? fleet marks? And Azure Nebula vs ISE, or even ISE vs IGE. And now battleship royal or whatever it is called that grants over 300k EC, 1k dil, and 50 marks (roughly) wonder how that will end? But no instead they will do what they do, and miss the 'mark' so to speak and just please a few and annoy a few others.

Sorry got a bit ranty there. Simply put 'good enough' is not good enough. Release the content right the first time in a finished state and then you don't have to worry about it.If you have a vision or goal then achieve it don't go half way and make sure you have evaluated the effects properly. It is much easier to build a house on a solid foundation than it is to repair the block after it blows out from the weight of your new roof and you need to get giant jacks under your beams.

This game IS good. This game has vision, personality, and a special something beyond the IP. I have not found a more conflicted system since dnd 3rd that works so well at being great despite itself because of how everything just clicks together. I'm tired of seeing such obvious mistakes when the resources are now there to do it right.