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12-16-2012, 08:22 PM
Garth of Izar and Christopher Pike were both Fleet Captains in the TOS era and are referred to as such in episodes. However, since the TOS era there has been no reference to them.

I had a long rant about ranks and Starfleet Marines, but deleted it as it strayed off topic.

But I will say
1)One of Sisko's BOFFs was a Senior Chief I want one too.

2) Star Trek has never depicted Marines. MACOs are definitely not Marines. At least in the United States you could never mistake a Marine for anything else- and a Marine would take offense at being referred to anything other than Marine. Major Hayes refers to training at West Point- the oldest Army post in the United States and currently home to the US Military Academy- where Marines do not train. The ground troops in The Siege of AR-558 are specifically referred to by Starfleet ranks.