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Originally Posted by pegasuscic View Post
So to get the Omega rifle to show you need to unlock mk xii? The why does MACO mk xi allow you have the weapon our back? Seems dumb that one weapon you show your "back" at mk xi and another at mk xii
You have it wrong.

All three items, the weapon, the armor, and the shield will show visually if you have them equipped.

However, the nice looking Omega and Maco armor you see on DS9 NPCs must be unlocked by completing all three parts of the set.

The better the set, the more visual options unlocked in the tailor. You also get more options from completing all the optionals on elite. The helmets on all three uniforms are obtained by selecting OMEGA/KHG/MACO uniform, head customization, and having unlocked those uniforms by collecting all three pieces of the MK XII set at some point.

The visual costume itself can be worn at any time, regardless of whether you have the weapon or the armor equipped. For instance, I have completed the XI Omega set and the XII MACO set so I can wear the Omega costume (sans helmet and a few other options) while equipping the MACO set.