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12-17-2012, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by khamseenair View Post
Really, there is no reason why anybody shouldn't have linked before the deadline.
I can think of two right off the top of my head:

1) There have been many posts from people who have found the linking process failed in some way (right from when they originally offered the linking option through to now, it still causes some people problems), resulting in having to wait for support to fix the issue.

2) Some of us want to have nothing to do with PWE, as we do not like the influence they have had on STO, therefore we choose not to link accounts to point out that we are Cryptic customers (fans?) NOT pwe customers.

I'm sure others can think of more reasons not to link accounts but those were my two main reasons.

I've now linked my account but had to change usernames, as quite a few have apparently and not happy about having to do so but will get over it I suppose.
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