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There's something wrong with the Hirogen Battleship group. Ever since Season 7, it will despawn after a few seconds, if it is not immediately engaged in combat.

I think it may be using some sort of ability to hide from sensors, because a glow surrounds the ship before it disappears. However, when it disappears it immediately counts as defeated if it's an objective. So, if that is what is happening, the power is inadvertently despawning the ship entirely.

Other Hirogen groups seem to work properly.

To recreate just place a few Hirogen Battleship groups. Important: The problem may only occur after publish. It was working properly for me sometimes in preview, but it failed every time post publish. This could also mean that it's only the highest rank of battleship that has this problem (in other words, the Lieutenant Commander version is not bugged, but the Admiral version is).

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