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12-17-2012, 04:04 AM
okay, this is getting ridiculous...

I'm begining to think that people think that games are played and lived in vaccuums or something that these two enemies got together and drew clear cut lines in the sane and said "Ok, we can have this this and this and you guys can have this this and this, and we can share this but only on Sundays."

Give it a rest already. One, in war there is no such thing as one side having something to itself. YEs, you will have it in the beginning to yourself and it will surprise the enemy for all of what a few months before they build a bigger better badder version of it?

Don't both sides have Intelligence bureaus?

When Germany built jet fighters did the allies not cheat and steal their way to it?

When America built nuclear missiles did Russia not figure out how to make from Russia one with love?

When Wii started ruling the gaming world did Sony and Microsoft not make their own versions?

So stop saying what is exclusive to either side because in war their is no such thing. People figure out what works, what scares them, what does what and uses it. The moment Fed's secret service figures out how to mount DHC's on a cruiser or make a long range gun platform or how to make beams that have 360 degree arc's I'm sure the klinks side will also figure out how to make.... well.... steal the tech as well.

I'm not even sure if Klinks even build ships so much as steal, err, i mean commandeer a ship paint it red and say this is mine bitches!"

If it's not born in you and can be made then it can be replicated. Simple as that.

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