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Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
I spent two weeks doing this with three KDF toons. I can count on one hand the number of times I hit the refining cap. Yet I still bought everything I wanted. Then I bought some fleet doff packs and sold them on the exchange for a big chunk of change that I use to equip my characters. I got bored of that and started playing the game again.

KDF remain Dil and contraband machines. As pointed out above the Dil sinks are only vanity items and don't need to be used. Anyone who claims Dil is scarce or hard to gain now is a fool. But their foolishness keeps Zen prices low, so let them remain fools.
humblesheep is right,it's not about reaching the 8K Dilithium cap,it's the amount of Dilithium one needs to,well....get anywhere within the game.Gone are the days where one could aquire a nice piece of high end gear as a loot drop or mission reward,it has all been put in the Dilithium only grind.

8000 Dilithium (or 8500 for the veterans) a day is meaningless when on average one needs 35000 Dilithium a day.

Another overlooked fact is......while the current exchange rate is awesome for people trading Dilithium for Zen,it also means that less people are inclined to contribute to fleet projects because of it.