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12-17-2012, 04:35 AM
I swear with my tray, when I switch weapons from STF gear types, to winter guns, and then back, that my MACO abilities like to 'climb' the tray ladder, so to speak, where one time it was on 4... the next line 5... and up to line 8 as of late. Same for my consumables, after I use em up for rep xp, then buy new ones, the consumables (hypos and shield units,) also 'climb' the tray ladder.

I wonder if some of the missing buttons, come down to the ladder having been 'climbed' to the point that they ended up on line 11 or more, which doesn't exist, and so on and yada ergh blech...

what's wierd, is my kit abilites seem to still remember, when I switch from Eng Fabricator, to Enemy Neut, 'those' abilities remember, like they are supposed to. I wonder if stuff like consumables, special abilities, and pets, are all buttons that aren't being anchored in code properly. Just a thought. One that hopefully leads to a dang fix, cause this one is annoying.