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Hi All,

Here's a thought: how about introducing "fleet" versions of mirror ships for those who have already unlocked the base mirror ship.

An example:
  • Unlock the Mirror Star Cruiser (which looks like the Sovereign)
  • This unlocks the ability to buy a Fleet Mirror Star Cruiser at T2 (with the same stats as a fleet star cruiser, but the Sovereign's appearance options and an optional mirror texture)

Some thoughts:
  • The Fleet Mirror ships would have no discount applied (have to pay 4 fleet ship mods)
  • This same tiers would apply (T2 for Fleet Mirror SC, T5 for Fleet Mirror AC, etc...)
  • This would apply to all ships that have mirror versions, as well as any that might come in the future

Can you see any reason why this shouldn't be implemented? Maybe there is a problem I'm not seeing? What do you think?

I honestly think that this would be good for the players and good for Cryptic.

EDIT: Forgot this, is this also something people would actually want? I know I would, but I might be in the minority here.

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