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12-17-2012, 04:48 AM
I don't really know quite honestly why the FED side has so many ships, I think it may be to ensure that the fed side actually has players or something or maybe they are feeding the hardcore fans out their ships that aren't any good so that the klinks don't call foul, I think most klinks don't mind when they see a new fed ship because they know deep down in their hearts that it's just for publicity and it's just a show horse with nothing under the hood They are like "Oh I see you got a shinny new toy, ooooh it's a cruiser, my how pretty, ooooh look at that it has beams on it, shoot it, ooooh look how pretty she is, congrats you must be so proud of her." While thinking 'Ha what a hunk of junk, i wouldn't commandeer that crap if you payed me.' but admittedly no matter how many ships one side has if 93% of them are ineffective it doesn't really matter does it?

Heck I don't trust the FED higher ups anyhow so i don't know where all these ships are coming from... they need to go back if you ask me and if i could be a neutral captain i would be neither fed nor klink but somewhere in the middle. I mean Klinks are underhanded and they let you know, it's in your face like bam so you have to respect it, but fed's they are really underhanded but they hide it behind a veneer smile like they are slowly conquering the universe with lies or something... like they are that grey emperor dude from star wars or something I'm just waiting for one to say "Use the dark side of the phaser young ensign and you will truly know greatness..."

But back to the topic

As a FED only player (Can't get over the head thing in the klinks it just bugs me.... i'd be like amazed at it like when you get a really strange bruise or a pimple or something... maybe i'm a forheadist....) I will only use 3-4 ships max on that side since after strenuous studying and arduously painstakingly making decisions i just could not make any effective builds with more then 4 ships and 2 of which are brand spanking new and 1 is a fleet version of the original ship so I'm at a lose as to how that works.

I don't care what anyone says, klinks got fed's by the short and curly's when it comes to what really matters. They have the ships, they have the contraband, they have the money and they have the will to use all these things to their advantage. I would gladly give 25% of our ships to Klink, no sweeten the pot and make it 45% of our ships in a crazy ferengi trade for the same level of contraband alone. Klinks trip over 400+ cases of contraband on the way to the bathroom alone when i can't find 10 in a day. I will then throw in another 10 no 15% if you give me a cruiser that i won't laugh at when the Fed scientist roll it out and say Here Captain Horatio, here's your new ship. My first response is, can i see her consoles, Oh, i see. I laugh only to keep from crying myself to sleep. I don't want DHCs or turn rate because a ship with 1K+ people should not be fish tailing off the walls. Give me one that can have 2 BeFAW's 3 and 1 Omega and I will be just fine.

I don't really care much for carriers. I use befaw so a carrier on a battlefield to me is just a minor annoyance.

I don't really care if both sides are equal at all, i think both sides should be different but not when it comes to creatable weapons since all things can be rebuilt. It's just not feasible or realistic to the series to assume one side will have something forever as if it's an unwritten rule, maybe it is, not a big star trek fan but i do know a thing or two about war and if it's war then anything goes. I mean that is what we are talking about right? Being realistic to the series or are we talking something else here? I'm sure if we can adapt to the Borg then I am sure we can adapt to each other. I've already gotten all the pvp accolades for killing both feds and klinks so that's not a problem I just hope at some point we can put a rest to this kind of talk and it does not always degrade into a pointing and shoving match over who has what and when. In the end it doesn't matter, a ship is just one phase of the answer, it will come down to the captain and their knowledge and skill and if you have talent then the ship doesn't matter... unless you need a crutch then i completely understand, just don't call yourself great if that's the case say my ship is great. If you beat me in my ship then well i guess i have alot more work to do and that is fine, I have no interest in getting bored with something and when i become the best i ditch the game.