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Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
If this argument is to be valid, it would only be fair to make it so for both factions. In other words, Feds get these carriers, KDF get the science vessels. This would result in both factions playing fairly similarly, which, AFAIK, is not what Cryptic wants.

Also, that argument that KDFers have a 'don't like to share' mentality relies on the assumption that the KDF's ships are superior. I doubt this is the case. At best, both sides are equal.

This seems like a reasonable statement. I know the devs want to keep some things true to the storyline but this is also a game. Balance the sides a bit.

I am not saying the carrier ship is superior but it has the cool ability to launch fighters. I want to try it, so I am picking up the Escort Carrier soonish. I am a tactical player so carrier cruisers don't really do me any good, they just make sense.