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There are a couple of missions with "unkillable" ships. The Borg / Rom ship I think is one of them. Keep in mind you don't have to do all the missions. You can skip over a few. Yeah, I know most of the time you don't know what's coming before you start it, but there are other ways to survive. One thing I always do is change my ship from attack to defense and it seems to make a difference. There is also a mission where you have to fight a very tough Undine ship, but all you have to do is survive for two minutes before help arrived. Same thing. Make sure to go defensive.

A skill I absolutely love is Jam Sensors. If you get stuck in a tractor, use it and it will instantly break you free as well as keep your enemy from firing for a few seconds, allowing you to turn your ship to a stronger shield facing or just create some distance between you and them. I have it on one of my science BOFFs specifically for the reason. Later on in the game, the Borg like to get you stuck in tractors and the ability, even at level 1, is very nice to have.

On a side note, if you keep doing the missions, make sure to do the ones that give you the rerun rewards like Shard of Possibilities and the Breen and Reman BOFFs. They are nice to have. The mission "Night of the Comet" has a nice cane as a reward. If you've already done it, go back and do a replay just for the cane.

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