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Originally Posted by theroyalfamily View Post
What about the Exchange is broken? I keep hearing this. Is this a new thing, or something that's been going on for a while?

The only thing I can think of is that you get lower prices the more specific you get with your filters, which shouldn't matter at all.
None of the max and min values correspond with that they should be. For example, if you organize by price and then compare that to organized by ascending value or descending value, sometimes the highest one on the price list is in the middle of the one organized by ascending value which makes no sense. And this happens with a lot of other items on the exchange, but Cryptic is too lazy to fix it. It's just a mess and thus, the black market is created. The corollary that follows from that is that because none of the max and min values make sense in any of the lists generated by applying filters, selling becomes impossible. If I sell 40 beads for lets say, 5 million, it's next to impossible to find this in the exchange results, no matter what filter I apply.

Last night, I spent 30-45 minutes trying to find the beads I had posted and gave up after looking painstakingly through all of the lists, after applying each and every filter. None of the results made sense and I couldn't even get a sense of what was up from down in these lists. I finally gave up and said, "Cryptic, you know what? you make me want to just rage quit this game because of how buggy and sloppily put together it is."

Edit: As an addendum to what I've said above: Cryptic's laziness creates problems that beget problems. Because people can't rely on the exchange for a good number of items, they resort to zone chat to sell their wears which results in a lot of unnecessary chat spam. I bet you money that a 1/4 of the chat in the winter holiday zones every night has been people saying something like "WTT: 4 bells for 4 beads."

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