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Originally Posted by vitzh View Post
Ever tried hull tanking with a BOP? It can be quite an interesting experience and confusing as hell to opponents.
Actually, yes (KDF Eng) and it's perfectly doable - of course, you actually have to work for a living doing it but then that's part of the fun

My Eng's B'rel uses the KHG Mk XII set and that works pretty well for him - he's also loaded up on Neutronium Alloys so his BoP's a pretty durable thing.

The main ship I fly with him is the (non-Fleet) K't'inga Retrofit with a full Omega Mk XII set and even those shields (weaker as they are than the KHG) are pretty solid.

To the OP, maybe something like this whilst you're working your way towards the KHG might help? Alternatively, there's always the Aegis shield as an option.
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