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12-17-2012, 10:26 AM
Hive is not impossible. It, however, isn't very forgiving if you make a mistake. If one person goes forward and uses single target fire on a cube, then falls back to the remaining group, your group will be able to eliminate 1 cube at a time. The Queen's 2 cylindrical guards, can be taken down one at a time as well.
The lance weapons are going to kill you if you stop moving, so keep moving and you'll stay alive longer. You can porpise in and out of range, 11 to 9km from the baddie, so you can get out of range easily to heal up and return to the fight quickly.
As for the torpedo spreads, something not visible is ahead of that spread that takes down a shield facing. It's about .5 to 1km ahead of the lead torpedo. I upgraded video cards to a current gen card without a change in being able to see this nasty surprise.
With a shield facing down just before the arrival of torpedos, it's certain doom if you aren't prepared for it. You can use brace for impact along with polarize hull to minimize the damage from the torpedos.
If absorbing damage is not your thing, torpedoes are only able to fly so far before they explode, so using evasive maneuvers to move far away helps. The down side to flying away is waiting for full impulse power to be available to get back in range of the baddies.