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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
My mistake, though it doesn't destroy the point I was making - that Beam Arrays overlap just fine as they are set currently.

I would have no issue with Beam Arrays ( not DBBs or HBs) having thier firing arcs upgraded to a 270 degree setting, DBBs being increased to 180 degrees and Heavy Beams with a 90 degree firing arc (if they arrive)

Of course I would expect DHC's to remain at 45 Degrees, DC's to be opened to 150 degrees and Single cannons opened to 250 degrees to compensate for the ease by which beams could be used in combat.

You are correct that it doesn't destroy your point, I just wanted to correct to maintain accuracy in statement.
I'm not sure about DC's being expanded to 150', maybe 90'. I'd argue the single cannons arc is just fine at 180'. What DHC/DC need is no vertical 45' restriction their firing arcs, its silly the small vertical arc that they can use a.t.m. .

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