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Originally Posted by pennyprimrose View Post
Yeah! And my VHS tapes are useless now too! Sure I got use out of them for a long time, but they should last for all eternity, providing me with endless entertainment!
ok granted VHS tapes are useless now BUT you have the option to convert them to CD / DVD heck even Blue ray so there not a total loss sir, next time think a tiny bit harder before you try to sink someones opinion

Originally Posted by crusty8mac View Post
Not a load of crap at all. It's called a license, which is a form of contract, which is what business relations are based on and controlled by. Do CBS and Cryptic want to make money? Yes. Their actions are determined by what they believe will make the most money in the long-run.

On the one hand you complain that you work hard for your money, then you complain that Cryptic isn't allowing you to spend it frivolously. Get a grip. Put your rage away. Have a drink. Go outside. Calm down. It is just a game.
Owkey i understand "license" but do you really think that is the reason they keep the lockbox's the way it is now? and yes hard work to get money in life, you should try it some day, not everyone is born in a place where money grows on tree's or where mom or dad provide it to yah easy. and i'm sorry i find it not so easy to spend money on virtual goods like that. especially if the goods you buy have a "CHANCE" on getting good virtual items. so you find it perfectly normal that someone has to spend 300 dollars before he gets a ship out of them box's, well then sir then i feel sorry for you that you can't see past there deception.

Originally Posted by latiasracer View Post
CBS doesn't restrict non-faction ships because they where rare in the TV show, they are restricted because they don't want the respective factions being "polluted" so to speak with loads of non federation/klingon ships.

The only lockbox ship that doesn't make sense being restricted is the Wells class.
you speak of pollution in a game, so the latest movie did not pollute the trek universe at all then, there polluting the star trek universe at a greater rate then this game ever can.

and in the end this is a game and a game should be enjoyably to play!

So wen i see and read all the reply's its clear that either the fans wants to get exploited. and if CBS is the evil link in this, is that then why there so many failed Star Trek Games in the past? do they really just care about money fast! anyways i will no longer comment on this, i do not rage, i like this game with all its flaws i won't just buy them any more that's all. i just gave my opinion about something and wanted to know everyone els's opinion and that's clear.

no need to start a war.

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