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12-17-2012, 09:44 AM
Hampton walks into the bridge as the harvest drops out of warp above te republic capital. As the rest of the harvests support fleet warps on as well.
Battle group infinity roster
USC harvest - mobile command station
5 battle cruisers
8 frigates
10 escorts
18 corvets
500 fighters
2 super carriers
5 cruisers
Officer: all ships are accounted for and in position sir. Alerting republic command now.

Hampton: very good deploy battle group Charlie to sector 5 and battle group Zulu to sector 2.

Officer: yes sir

Hampton: get me republic command on the com now. Also how long till the nova gets here.

Officer: she should be here shortly sir
( the nova is the secon and last mobile command ship built because it took all our supplies.)

Hampton: good lets get ready to try to hold off the Borg for as long as we can. Inform me when you have republic command on the comm.