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12-17-2012, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
they are at the exchange. isn't that enough?
look i think i don't write english here ?! i know i said i wanted the ship(s) but that's not the point here i want to make its the other stuff you get out of the box, look at my list, is that list 35dollars worth to you?

Yes i expected a ship out one of the box's (that's the gambling part of the box) but cryptic claims that the other rewards have at-least the value of the key you need to open it. or that the box gives at-least the value of the key. not sure about you but that's not an impressive list.
oh and it seems that everyone that reply's assumes i open the box's like a crazy man and that i start to complain about them, no its the first time and the last time, that list was not impressive to get me hooked to buy more keys and open them. well i'm lie'ing i will open atleast 3-4 more box's then i have the lobi cryst to buy what i want from the lobi store again.
i bought the whipe and now seek to buy the skirt for the ferengi char. but know this after them not one i will open ever again.
your suggestion of buying a ship from exchange is well noted, few others even said that to me before i wanted to open the 30 box's, but i wanted to gamble for the ship i just did not expected that the rest of the rewards wer that crappy.
ohwell 70million credits it is for the exchange, and i don't play 24/7 so i'll take what 6months to get it. i can't grind hours on hours i do have other things to do in my life and i'm not that great at games to start with either.