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Originally Posted by bbaetens View Post
no sir this thread was not meant to be flame wars!
i'll explain my frustration. i bought zen, bought 30 keys that's 35dollar worth of keys give or take. tryed my luck like any other guy. what did i get

- 142 lobi crystals
- a total of 55 Duty officers "unpacked i used all the packs" 40 of them are just white doffs
- 6 box's of useless deflectors
- 2 1k XP boost
- 2 2k XP boost
- 1 10k XP boost

now is this list worth 35dollars to you?! well not in my book, i know they had a chance but this low that's sorry not worth it to me and yes i won't buy them any more. really thought the things that come out of a box would have bin fair but this is not fair in my book anyways in the end it was a gamble and i clearly lost! like everything els in life you have to experience it before you can avoid it the next time.
you speak of cryptic is working hard for there money, you find that working hard for there money, reusing models, selling box'es that are not worth the pollygons there made of.
before you start yelling "REUSING MODELS" i'll explain, fleet ships cos 2000 zen, 4 times 500 zen for a item you need to buy em, yes, the models are the same as the normal ships they just have more consoles spots, you find that hard work?
making the winter event that is hard work, sort of speak, they did use most of the first map, and some reward are used models BUT i don't complain about them cus its FUN.
anyways i can go on and on, none seems to see it my way and that is fine everyone has its own view on things i'm not here to judge was simple asking for everyone opinion.
You should have sold those keys on the exchange. You could have made enough to get any of the lockbox ships other than the bug ship, and had some EC left over. Don't QQ because you didn't win the lottery.