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Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
I'm starting to wonder if the extra disruptor proc is worthwhile for a set of weapons that cost nearly three times as much in dilithum as the advanced fleet versions that do higher base damage by a decent margin. i don't think the proc is worth it for beam arrays and banks due to their low firing rate compared with cannons. I'm going to set up my cruiser with the fleet advanced plasma beams, an embassy plasma damage console and the full romulan set and see how it works out. An extra proc for three times the cost is kind of lame.
Depends on the environment. I run the romulan weps on a Recluse and I do mostly STF's; in this environment a proc that increases damage dealt to a target by the whole group including my dozen adv peregrines is pretty damn sweet. On the other hand if you mostly solo in an escort or something, then it's probably not worth it.

Btw, should note that the rom set bonus (as soon as they fix the launcher) to increase plasma damage as well as embassy sci consoles help to counterbalance the damage difference compared to AP. Oh, and the roms are available as 2x[Acc].