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12-17-2012, 12:45 PM
Shield performance is based on:

Your shield skills
Ship shield modifier
Equipped shield
Shield power setting

If your shield skill is not up to 6 points then its your fault your shields suck. Most fed players can get away with less because Fed ships tend to have higher shield modifier on their ships.

KDF ships always have less shield modifier than Fed ships. The more 'attack' the ship is, the less shields it has. Aka BOP has the least shield modifier in the game.

Equipped shield will affect the shield amount or resists or regeneration rate.

Shield power settings is perhaps the most important. High power to shields not only increases regeneration rate but also increases the shield's resists to all damage types.

Overall, KDF is not a shield tanking faction. They rely on speed, stealth and defense rating to avoid getting hit. The larger KDF ships have tougher hulls and in the case of the VoQuv carrier, very strong shields AND armor.

If you're flying a bird of prey forget about shields as a form of defense. Your cloaking device, speed and stats are what will carry you in battle.