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S7 Acco's List made elsewhere by me and my fleet friends. Hope it will clear out a bit this matter:

Category "Events":
-Tholian Capital Punishment (10) (Tau Dewa Block, kill 3 bosses during Alert: Zlo'Pauk, Presa Gran, Zagristi)
-Tholian Malfeasance (10) (kill 5 Tholian bosses during "The Vault: Ensnared": Iskel, Tik'r, Seldspar, Lelkene, Saphene)

Category "Exploration Accolades":
-New Romulus Researcher (25) - ask Romulan researchers on New Romulus about local species of fauna and flora
-Colonized New Romulus (25) - discover all hide accos on New Romulus
Take a small leap of an old small bridge (look at: To Boldly Jump)
The uderside of the bridge holds a great view (look at: Bridge Troll)
The mid-level of the waterfall is your destination (look at: Brave New Waterfalls)
Conquer the arch of Vestam Peaks (look at: Master of Vestam)
Knock of the door of New Romulus (look at: Building The Gates)
Prove your mastery over a ruin (look at: New Romulus Historian)
A rock leads to a view in a Staging Area (look at: Staging Area Quatermaster)
A downed tree can be your path (look at: A Hwael of a Good Time)
Climb a rock formation in Eppoh Fields (look at: Why Are You Climbing A Rock Formation?)
There's a secret path to and from a river (look at: The Easy Hard Way)
-To Boldly Jump (10) - jump off the destroyed bridge at Atlai
-Bridge Troll (10) - jump over a suspension bridge span in the valley with a great pink octopus
-Brave New Waterfalls (10) - jump over the rock shelve with the waterfall above giant octopus
-Master of Vestam (10) - climb the rock arch at Vestam Peaks
-Building The Gates (10) - get the star entrance to the embassy at Staging Area.
-New Romulus Historian (10) - jump over the ruins at Hwael Ruins
-Staging Area Quatermaster (10) - climb the roof of a building behind the Romulan Histiorian, S of shuttle at Staging Area.
-A Hwael of a Good Time (10) - climb to a high peak by the fallen tree at the Hwael Ruins
-Why Are You Climbing A Rock Formation? (10) - climb a hill on the W edge of the map at the Epohh Fields
-The Easy Hard Way (10) - climbe a rock formation between giant octopus lake and the Vestam Peaks

Previously shown map to help out with above accos:

Category "General Accolades":
-Welcome to New Romulus (10) (just vist New Romulus for the very fist time)
-Azure Avenger (10) (rescue 50 romulan ships from the Tholian enslavement during Azure Nebula)
-Lay of the land (5) - let the Kylor intruduce you to New Romulus. He is at Staging Area.
-Epohh whisperer (10) - tagg 100 epohhs at Epohh Fields
-Romulan Star Empire (Tier 1) (10)
-Romulan Star Empire (Tier 2) (10)
-Romulan Star Empire (Tier 3) (10)
-Romulan Star Empire (Tier 4) (10)
-Romulan Star Empire (Tier 5) (?)

Category "Kill Accolades":
-Open Season (10) (kill 100 beasts - skorpios and other creatures like green bugs count aswell. Shakals and spiders from episode Frozen ("Obisek's gambit" also count. 27 of them there)
-Trophy hunter (25) (kill 500 beasts)
-Beast Master (50) (kill 1000 beasts)
-Defending the status quo (10) (destroy 20 Klingon Rebel Ships, ie. at Gamma Eridon)
-Puttin down dissent (25) (destroy 100 Klingon Rebel Ships)
-Maintaining Order (50) (destroy 200 Klingon Rebel Ships)
-Salt Vampire Stalker (10) - kill 100 salt vampires (M-113, Mine Trap)
-Salt Vampire Hunter (25) - kill 500 salt vampires
-Salt Vampire Slayer (50) - kill 1000 salt vampires

Category "Lore accolades"
-Last days of Dewans (?) (decypher some tables. First appears during episode you receive after reaching Romulan Reputation T3)
Part one (5)
Part two (5)
Part three (5)
Part four (5)
Part five (5)
Part six (5)
Part seven (5)
Part eight (5)
-The History of New Romulus (?) (collect all volumes of history of New Romulus)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
-The History of New Romulus: volume 1 (20):
Chapter 1 (5)
Chapter 2 (5)
Chapter 3 (5)
-The History of New Romulus: volume 2 (20):
Chapter 1 (5)
Chapter 2 (5)
Chapter 3 (5)
-The History of New Romulus: volume 3 (20):
Chapter 1 (5)
Chapter 2 (5)
Chapter 3 (5)
-The History of New Romulus: volume 4 (20):
Chapter 1 (5)
Chapter 2 (5)
Chapter 3 (5)
Chapter 4 (5)
Chapter 5 (5)
Chapter 6 (5)
Chapter 7 (5)
-The History of New Romulus: volume 5 (?):
Chapter 1 (5)
Chapter 2 (5)
Chapter 3 (5)
Chapter 4 (5)
Chapter 5 (5)
Chapter 6 (5)
Chapter 7 (5)
Chapter 8 (5)
-The History of New Romulus: volume 6 (20):
Chapter 1 (5)
Chapter 2 (5)
Chapter 3 (5)
Chapter 4 (5)
Chapter 5 (5)
Chapter 6 (5)
Chapter 7 (5)

Category "STF M.A.C.O."
-Adapted Commando (?) (gather 3 pieces of set Adapted M.A.C.O. Mk12)

Category "STF S.O.T.O. (Omega Force)"
-First Steps of the Elite (25) (finish at least one STF Elite)

Category unknown
-Savior (?) - save 100 citizens during one game of "Mine Trap"

Season 7 "Q's Winter wonderland" (active until 14th January 2013 r.):

Category "Events":
-The Fast and The Flurrious (30) (finish PVP run 20 times or finish it at the 1st place)
-Ice Racer (30) (finish "fastest game on ice" run 10 times - you get Q's pics for that run)
-Snowball Hero (30) (take part in at least 20 snowball fights)
-Snowshoe (10) (get the critic at winter epohh rising)

Category "General Accolades":
- Snowman About Town (30) (discover all snowmen with wooden bathlets)

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