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12-17-2012, 12:59 PM
The Fleet engines are horrible (including Elite, they are like set but without bonuses to power etc), Maco engines are also horrible, Jemhadar is good, KHG is better. I personally don't like Omega (some people do) but its tetryon glider can be awesome, I was however told it is not worth it without 2 or more flow capacitor consoles (I don't know if this included being specced into flow capacitors skill or not).

Edit: Actually the Advanced Fleet Engines look quite nice (half of them have better turn than the Jem'Hadar Engines Fed side). The Advanced Combat/Standard Impulse Engine [Turn]x3 [Spd] has same turn as Klingon Honour Guard and you can choose between Combat/Standard types and has more speed, however dosen't have the bonus power to subsystems and dosen't benefit from set bonuses. I actually like engines with the least speed and most turn rate the best, since as far as I know (with my power configuration) I hit the bonus defence cap on all engines set to max speed (less speed means less time to turn).

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