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2) Selling stuff in exchange .. I have been posting a few things for about 50% value. Is there a guide to help someone understand the market? I played with whetworths in CoH and could rely on that for influence but with this system it seems harder to find a niche.
Vendor price is 50% of listed value (40% in Recycling, Ferengi, and I think Sector Space traders), so that's the price floor for items on the Exchange. Lower than that and things will sell due to other players buying them to vendor.

Generally, you use the Buy window and search for what you're selling - make sure to filter by item type and rarity, otherwise you won't see the lowest price available. If everything else of your rarity and mark is already at around 50%, there isn't much demand for those. Just vendor them. The one exception is with weapons, since certain modifiers are worth more than others. So a [Acc]x3 weapon would be worth more than a [Dam]x3 weapon.

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