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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
It's a nice idea, but I think it's way too soon in the game's ongoing development to be talking about a dedicated KDF team. Before they can justify doing that, they need to increase the KDF player rolls... a 1-50 levelling experience would help. I also think they need to spend a little bit more time on figuring out what KDF players will buy and putting that stuff in the C-Store.

If you read that carefully, you will notice that Dan Stahl never promised anything there. That was his personal wishlist of what he'd add to the game if he got his wish. That's not the same thing as putting on his EP hat and saying "this is what we're going to add to the game in Season X".

When I read between the lines, I sense that Cryptic has a long range plan that they are, more or less, trying to execute. We aren't told exactly what that is because it's subject to change, as always, and because we as a group will probably rake them over the coals if they don't deliver when or what they said they would.

Right now Job One is keeping the cash flow going while addressing some basic weaknesses and inconsistencies in gameplay for all of the players. This is partly why FE's got put on hold the past two seasons in favor of Starbases, Fleet Actions, STF revamps and the Romulan Adventure Zone: they needed replayable long-term content for high-level characters. If they aren't able to put out FE's at least once a year, they probably don't have resources to do something like focus on KDF either.

Not holding your breath is probably wise... even if they did decide to add full KDF progression in Season 8, that's months away. I have faith that they will officially address everything on Dan's wishlist in due time... just not necessarily according to our schedule.
The problem is, it will take more than one token Season to flesh out the KDF. Having decent content through 1-50 would be a good start, and will hopefully help swell the KDF ranks once players have the option of joining the faction right from the beginning. Adjustable UI would be helpful as well, since a lot of people complain about the awesome red UI.

However, what if more is needed? This is why a dedicated team is needed, so that ongoing improvements are made through the patches, S9 and beyond. Otherwise, it's just going to be a season's worth of improvements to the faction every 2-3 seasons, with the rest of the resources going to the Federation.

Right now, the game is defaulting as Federation when it comes to content. Stuff is released to feddies and poorly copy-pasted onto KDF, or there's 'cross-faction' ships and the like. The best way to change that would be a dedicated team of developers that honestly LIKE the KDF concept.