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*The Dreadnought falls out of warp a few hundred kilometers from the cube, apparently lifeless. Voporak, expecting something interesting might happen, smiles*

Voporak: Something to brighten up my day, eh? Well, never let it be said I don't get desperate.

*Auxiliary batteries seperate from the main power of the Dreadnought come online and forcibly eject the warp core and tractor beams lock the core into place. The aux battieres power the impulse engines and the Dreadnought is moving again*

Voporak (surprised that controls are back with the ejection of the core): Let's see how you like eating antimatter. If this works.

*The tractor beams fire one pulse and send the core flying at high speed to the cube*
*The cube locks a tractor beam on the core and sends it toward the capital city. The Dreadnought loses all power again.*

OOC: Apparently you didn't get the memo. The problem is in the computer, not the Warp Core. And to clear the problem, you have to deactivate the computer which will result in the virus shutting everything down so you can't reactivate ANYTHING, including life support. Why do you think Sam didn't try anything like this?

Also, your ship is about 100 years older, so it should be MORE susceptible to the control virus than the modern ships. You may want to talk to Hampton or the Republic about getting your ship upgraded.

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