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sorry ive been neglecting this thread, thanks for helping out with question answering p2wsucks.

Originally Posted by tmichc View Post
Here's a question (or two) for you DDIS...

I have a new captain I'm levelling (a Joined Trill Science captain, with a view to sticking her in a Vesta as I have the 3-pack and love the look of the ship). Science has, in many ways, baffled me, as I'm not sure whether I should be all about control, or control + heals, or control + damage. Any good clues or builds you'd recommend?

I'm thinking of the following (using the Recon/Aventine version), so wondered if it would be any good;

Fore: 3x Aux-DHCs
Rear: 3x Phaser Turrets Mk XI (at least [Acc]x1 if not x2)
Deflector & Engines: Borg
Shield: MACO Mk XII
Devices: Subspace Field Modulator, Aux batteries, Weapon batteries
Eng Slots: 2x Neutronium
Sci: 1x Field Generator (I have a Mk XII V.Rare in my main char's bank), Graviton Generator Mk XI x2, Tachyokinetic Console
Tac: Quantum FFC, Fermian Transciever, 2x Phaser relays (Mk XI)

Hanger: Empty (but maybe shield drones)

Lt Tac: TT1, CRF1
Lt Eng: EPtS1, Extend Shields 1
CMdr Sci: Sci Team 1, HE2, Tractor 2, GW3
Ensign Uni: Tac: TT1
Lt.Cmdr Uni: Sci: PH1, TSS2, TBR2

1x Energy Weapons Officer (CRF cooldown)
2x Tractor Beam Officer
1x Gravimetric Sci (Purple)
1x Shield Distribution Officer (Purple)

The main aim would be to grab the enemy using the tractor (or throw them away), and pummel them (with the assistance of the team), with the HE, TSS and Fermian as team heals. Any thoughts? Is it a terribad build idea?


Edit: Yes, you read right, nothing in the hanger. There's too much naffing spam in PvP at the moment, especially when taking on KDF drain teams.
science ships are not my strong suit ether, but i theoretically know how to build them lol.

heres a few vesta ground rules.

1) if you use aux cannons, don't use turrets, they run on weapon power. using aux cannons allows you to min max in a way that completely ignores 1 of your 4 energy subsystems, take advantage of that. with the aux cannon, use 1 beam arays for sub system targeting and 2 mines, chrono, tric, trans, and plasma are all capable of actually effecting you enemy.

2) the vesta can basically do anything and everything well, and you best off using the universal LTC for something other then sci, all the other sci ships you can use if you really want a COM/LTC sci.

3) 3 normal DHC and 3 turrets is viable as hell for energy damage dealing, especially with hard core sci and maybe some eng befuddling pared with it. your not an escort, pure energy damage is not your strong suit, but there are alternate, and very effective ways to augment the energy damage you deal on that ship.

as a sci captain in a vesta, i would recommend maximizing your vesta's built in strength, holding and movement control. i pined down, and disabled target is a much easier to injure target, 3 DHCs will go a long way then. heres a fairly simple and inexpensive to put together hold maxing build


EPtA1, EPtS2

TB1, HE2, GW1, VM3

doffs- 2 damage control, 1-2 VM doff, 1-2 GW doff

hanger- runabouts

this is a pretty even split between attacking, holds and disables. VM, GW, and TB staggered or all at once for the more resilient targets should pretty much take away anyone's ability to do a whole lot. the damage control doffs will keep EPtA&S at full up time with just the 1 copy of each, so you should easily be able to hit 125 aux. apply subnukes, scans, runabouts and energy damage on your stuck target, hopefully the rest of your team will notice this poor bastard you have befuddled 6 times over, and help you kill him



EPtS1, AtS1

TB1, HE2, GW1, VM3

this has a less CRF and TT up time, but an additional devastating hold, and much more survivability with the extra hull heal of AtS, and the life saving RSP.
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