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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Most (if not all) of the torpedoes in STO were seen in canon trek.
Well, the weapons all came from trek canon, more or less. I am just talking about what Starfleet was seen to use most of the time.

They had Photons on everything since the founding of the Federation, and around DS9 era, quantum torpedos were invented, and those were seen to be installed on Defiants and Soverigns at the very least, but I think we might have seen them on more ships, that I am just forgetting.

Tricobalts were explicitly said to be an extremely uncommon type of torpedo, and special mention was paid to Voyager having 2 of these torpedoes (or was it 3) out of a magazine that can hold hundreds of torpedoes. Transphasics were only shown fitted to VOyager alone in the last episode as torpedos from the future; that would lend credence to the idea that Starfleet ships in the current time period STO takes place should have transphasics mounted as standard, but that didn't happen.

So we can see Starfleet should have access to 4 types of torpedoes, but only 2 of them saw widespread use, so those two should have elite versions at the least.

Chroniton and plasma torpedoes, were never seen on Starfleet vessels, so there's no real problem with not including them at the Elite level.