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Q: (hippiejon) If there was ONE thing you can add to the game. Your personal dream update. Big or Small. What would it be?

Dstahl: Klingon PvE content from 1-50 with a solid PvE and PvP endgame. Plain and simple. Then after that, real Star Trek exploration.

Well Dan Stahl, given every statement you and other devs as well as STO reps have made about making the KDF a full faction equal to the Federation, I won't hold my breathe or cross my fingers until we the players actually see it. We have been promised this from the beginning when the game launched and all we have gotten since are "empty promises" but as you yourself have said in the past, "As I've said in numerous interviews - don't take me at my word - just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that."

Alright Dan, if we are to truly "judge you on the improvements that have been made to the KDF," I myself in my honest opinion think your track record "for improvemnts" isn't worth the mud on any of my captains' boots! So much for the devs doing what they promise they will.

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If you read that carefully, you will notice that Dan Stahl never promised anything there. That was his personal wishlist of what he'd add to the game if he got his wish. That's not the same thing as putting on his EP hat and saying "this is what we're going to add to the game in Season X".

When I read between the lines, I sense that Cryptic has a long range plan that they are, more or less, trying to execute. We aren't told exactly what that is because it's subject to change, as always, and because we as a group will probably rake them over the coals if they don't deliver when or what they said they would.

Right now Job One is keeping the cash flow going while addressing some basic weaknesses and inconsistencies in gameplay for all of the players. This is partly why FE's got put on hold the past two seasons in favor of Starbases, Fleet Actions, STF revamps and the Romulan Adventure Zone: they needed replayable long-term content for high-level characters. If they aren't able to put out FE's at least once a year, they probably don't have resources to do something like focus on KDF either.

Not holding your breath is probably wise... even if they did decide to add full KDF progression in Season 8, that's months away. I have faith that they will officially address everything on Dan's wishlist in due time... just not necessarily according to our schedule.
Blue, I understand you as a "Community Moderator" that you try to keep the peace and help calm angry posts from players here on the STO forums but correct me if I am wrong by saying that Dan Stahl is the "Executive Producer" on Star Trek Online and although he doesn't decide himself which direction the game travels and which turns the devs make, he does decide which resources get placed where they need to be to ensure that once decisions are made by his superiors at PWE, that they are carried out. And as far as I've read and can remember, other people on the STO team have made statements to the effect of wanting to make the KDF an equal faction on par with Starfleet/Federation though these other devs may not have the authority and influence on STO with PWE that Dan Stahl does.

And in my opinion if you make a statement on what will be added into a/the game and don't/can't deliver, it is advisable to not keep making the same claim repeatedly multiple times because it is possible that after making the statement on multiple occasions without making good on them, such statements maybe seen/taken as "empty commitments" that have gone unfulfilled and likely may never be. But again, correct me if I am wrong because as a once paying customer to STO (when I had the funds to do so), I like it when the head of a game's development team says something new is coming though I completely understand that STO is "subject to change and not all additions to the game will come to fruition" BUT and again, say that an addition to the game is coming "multiple times" whether the statement is a promise or not by oh I don't know, the "Executive Producer" and said addition doesn't occur will generate negative emotions in the player base who might just express their displeasure on the game's forums and after close to 3 years of "Dev Statements" saying that the KDF will be an equal faction on par with the Starfleet/Federation, well Blue, that is exactly what I'm doing now.