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12-17-2012, 03:46 PM
Did it for the first time on elite today, here is my experience:

The first part: pulled too many cubes and spheres -> got killed and enemies were on our spawn point. after waiting for all to respawn and not one after another we got rid of them and could continue, needed too much time for optional, but ok.

Second part: difficulty is ok but enemies should more focus on one target (me with thread control) instead of killing the others flying escorts...

third pard: the queen should also be affected more by thread control, she even selects carrier pets as target. but since only one must stay alive i can live with that.
our problem was: is she really that hard to kill or did we have too bad dps? we could't even get the shields down... we were shooting and shooting but at least we could get her down.
her damage output was ok for me, after a while i figured out when to use brace for impact etc. and didn't die anymore.

after all i would say: difficulty is fine, maybe adjust the way those two big vessels and the queen select their target and increase the reward because it is really hard compared to the other STFs