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12-17-2012, 04:00 PM
for PVE you want DPS. DPS is the Aventine. get that. first thing: throw the aux cannons somewhere, where noone ever finds them (unless that particular person has an interesting PVP build).

go for CC and AoE. when going up against big things that shoot heavy torps, set your pets on intercept. like that basically you are helping your team. either your AoE, grav well, or pets will kill any heavy torpedo.

energy drain wise you can get some neat sci skills I guess, but I dont see how energy drain is useful for stfs. in pve you really wanna go dps

however if you are not a fan of CC, and a bit more micromanaging than an escort, this might not rly be the ship for you.
but I will say, its hard to find a way to fly this ship the wrong way, as in the way where you just cant enjoy it, it is really versitile.