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12-17-2012, 04:16 PM
Even if you could capture Madran, he would keep coming back, since it's a repeatable mission.
We can consider Madran one of those slimy go-betweens that governments turn to when they don't want to get their hands dirty and gets bailed out by those same governments because he is useful to them. New Romulus is in desperate need of supplies so they probably aren't looking too close at where those supplies are coming from. I look at the warehouse mission as repeatedly reminding Madran that if he's gonna cheat anyone it better not be the hand that feeds him.
Honestly the mission doesn't make a lot of sense as a repeatable, going over his books and checking inventory, ya ok, you could do that every day without it seeming ridiculous, especially with a Ferenghi involved, but having him escape while you are fighting his guards only to have to do the same things over again the next day turns it into a bad comedy.
It would make more sense if Madran was a bystander in this, he might be aware something is amiss but finds no profit in getting involved, while at the same time the real villains are cloaked Tal'Shiar that are sneaking around in the warehouse, doctoring the records to smuggle in contraband and those are the ones you have to repeatedly fight.