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Originally Posted by bugshu View Post
When this game started, Craig Z promised that the #1 goal would be to establish a fun game. He said that if they had a fun game that people would want to play it and that they could make money $15 per player per month and that for .50 cents a day Cryptic would provide solid entertainment value.

Then we went free to play and it seems that Cryptic only cares about enhancing revenues and not so much about providing a fun game that people want to play.

Lets discuss the many ways Cryptic is purposefully bending over backwards to nerf fun.

One of my biggest pet peeves is nerfs and respecs. In the early days of the game science was the best class and my fleet had some of the best science players in the game. Sci got nerfed from being the best class to being a Novelty class that many if not most universally ignored in pvp. I lost many fleetmates over this and they were the kind of players you wanted in the game. If something is unbalanced then you raise the abilities of the other classes to meet it rather than nerfing or destroying the hard work people put into their class or ship. Cryptic should have improved the merits of Eng and Tact rather than destroying Sci. They nerfed the fun of people who put hard work and effort into Sci. And they lost players over it. Good players. Players who played daily and spent money on the game. When Cryptic nerfs skills they nerf players fun.

Being stingy with respecs is a way to nerf fun. Respecs cost $5 and everytime you turn around Cryptic is changing with either new products or nerfs. I knew people who had tight fitting ships built around reverse shield polarity 3. Cryptic nerfed rsp3 and they just left the game. You could tell them all day that it only cost $5 to respec but they made the point that if they paid $5 and next week Cryptic did another nerf that it would cost $5 more. And that they would be rewarding Cryptic for ruining their characters. Everyone should be able to play their characters as much as they want and how they want. People cannot respec as fast as Cryptic nerfs or changes skills without spending tons of money. When Cryptic destroys players builds and then denies them the ability to respec for free they nerf players fun.

Cryptic has nerfed pvp. Player pvp matches are down and keep falling and its obvious that its only enjoyed by a small minority. I enjoy pvp and I like it. But PvP is pay to win now. I get nearly daily invites to pvp and some with good fleets like Spanish Inquisition or Fista Sistas. I just dont want to do it. I have not done pvp in over a year and do not see myself returning anytime soon. Even if I had all the top gear such as Jem Hadar ships and the best weapons and consoles; I just dont think it would be a challenge or fun to beat people that couldnt kit up like I could. I dont want to lose to someone because they have superior gear and I dont want to beat someone because they have inferior gear. In chess you sit down and both sides have the same number of pieces and ability to compete and fight. In STO, you better have spent $1000 on your ride because that person you are fighting probably did. 98% of the people dont pvp anymore and those that do are usually the "whales" that had big wallets. STO can hold pvp academies from not until forever trying to "rebuild" pvp but skilled players with "good" ships are going to lose to skilled players with great pay to win ships. Destroying pvp by catering to the pay to win crowd nerfs players fun.

Stealing from players nerfs players fun. Make no mistake Cryptic steals from its players. For instance, I bought a Tellarite. I know they are free now but I paid money for the right to play mine. It had a nice skill pig headed rage and lucky had a +5 bonus to crits. Cryptic nerfed pig headed range and reduced Lucky to +3 and took a toon that I invested real world money, time and effort in and made it less fun. People quit buying Tellarites so they made them free for anybody that wanted one. My Tellarite was "special" and Cryptic nerfed it. They stole it from me. Sure I still have it and play it but its less "special". Everyone probably could share a story of their own. I spent a good deal on prototype consoles. They were nerfed and I feel Cryptic "stole" them from me. I spent 5 million ec on a reverse shield polarity 3 bridge officer and watched it get nerfed. Ive lost untold amounts of marks, emblems, requisitions, salvage, etc.. when Cryptic decided to simplify things for us and "change" currency. I had Devs tell me that the only way to ever fly a Connie was to go to Gamestop and spend $50 and buy another copy of the game. I went to gamestop paid my $50. Now anyone can buy it in the zen store for less. Put simply, they lied. I could have saved $30 by waiting for it to go to the zen store and then buying it. I could write 100 paragraphs over the many ways Cryptic "steals from its players but theres more to address. When Cryptic lies to and steals from its customers they nerf players fun.
Exactly right! Ignore all these ignorant trolls and fanboys who I suspect are secret PWE stoolies planted here to make it look like there's a debate. What you said is what most of us PAYING customers (myself included) are actually thinking.