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12-17-2012, 03:39 PM
Excelsior is nice with the APO1 giving you a burst of maneuverability when you need it. Load it with either dual EPTS2 and dual EPTW1, or dual Aux2Bat plus singular EPTS1 and EPTW1. And you can get the Fleet version from a T3 fleet shipyard and roll around in a cruiser with 4 tac consoles and a better turn rate. And for the people discounting that 3rd eng ensign, I would point that in any fight with Tholians going for constant subsystem targeting these days, carrying an extra ET1 is very useful.

Alternately, I actually get a lot of bang out of the Mirror Universe Star Cruiser of all things. Yeah only 2 tac slots, but with an Aux2Bat setup and EPTS3 and TT1 always on, survival can be pretty much a given in PVE and most of my focus can be on killing stuff or healing others instead of worrying about myself. Plus it since its Mirror it still looks like a Soverign and not the godawful standard Star Cruiser.

The Dreadnought........the Dreadnought is COOL, but at the end of the day its a Soverign with even worse speed and a pair of toys you'll rarely get to use. Doesn't mean it doesn't absolute rock when you get a decloak full-tac-buff Lance O Doom, or if you want to use it basically as a giant sniper rifle against key targets, but for efficiency and effectiveness its not optimum.