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Greetings, Captains!

My name is Jeff "Adjudicator Hawk" Hamilton - you can call me Hawk for short, if you prefer. Some of you may know me as Arbiter Hawk from Paragon Studios, where I was a Systems Designer on City of Heroes for the past two years.

I hail you now from the Systems Design team here on STO, working on exciting new powers, enemies, items, ships, and more! I've been reading various threads in the forums about your wants and hopes for the game, but I figured it was time to stop lurking and come join the conversation - so feel free to use this thread to talk about enemy groups you really enjoy fighting, ships you love seeing, or just a greeting if you want. I won't be able to reply to everyone, but I'll be reading all your input, and I look forward to meeting you all.

Signing off for now,

-Adjudicator Hawk
Welcome to STO!

For starters, I particularly enjoy fighting Romulans and Tholians in space. I think they're the most interesting and challenging enemy groups. They use a lot of CC abilities and I have to be on my toes to successfully counter them. Most other groups I can beat pretty easily. So, if you're making new groups, definitely take a look at them to see what makes for challenging content.