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Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
THe people (such as myself) who complaing about not getting enough romulan marks, are the same group that wanted the previous STF grind to count for more. We have done so many STFs, that an elite is mere routine, In less than twenty minutes we can have 80 marks without breaking a sweat and be ready for the next one. Every once and a while you get extra marks in your drop bringing you above 100 for the run.

I can run Azure nebula rescue or vault ensnared, on the other hand, and only make out with a couple dozen marks for the same time spent, and those require so much flying around, it's irritating.
Agreed. I did an epic Rom Mark grind the other day for the Rom Rapid-Torpedo (500 Marks) - I didn't have any marks 'cause I'd spent what I had on unlocking Mk XII Plasma DHCs/Turrets so I started from nothing - it was horrible.

Tau Dewa Patrol: 60/60 Marks.
Radiation Reports (Space): 10/10 Marks.
Tholian Red Alert: 0/30 Marks - couldn't get into it even once.
Azure Nebula: 13/?? Marks - seriously, 13 Marks? WTF?
The Atlai: 10/10 Marks
Mine Enemy: 15/?? - again, massive time-sink, pitiful rewards.
Winter Epohh hand-in: 100/200 - no crits yet.
Regular Epohh hand-in: 0/400 - did the tagging but no Marks for 4-5 days...

So that's 208 Romulan Marks - the rest I made up from - you guessed it - scanning radiation - 30 marks for 300 scans, average of 25 scans per radiation site = 120 times.

All for a *bugged* Torpedo launcher - it's pretty fair to say that I hate New Romulus
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