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12-17-2012, 07:06 PM
Originally Posted by darkchaosbunnies View Post
Today, I was running a foundry mission I like a lot, repeatedly. To earn fleet marks and get my fleet moving again. So I did it many times (didn't keep track of the exact number) with several toons, and it qualified for Investigate Officer Reports. I got my rewards every time, and repeated it when the timer was up.

Now all of a sudden, the same foundry mission does not tick off the Investigate Reports wrapper when completed. Now has red text in the description "Does not count for Investigate Officer Reports mission" that it did not have before.

Tried on 2 different toons, and tried it twice in a row on each. No luck.

What the hell? This happened in the span of switching toons, so it wasn't due to any patch. Is there a secret limit to the number of times a mission counts for the wrapper before you're SOL? I DON'T want to play other hour long foundry missions and I don't want to grind the same few flark missions over and over. I don't mind doing them but they get old as ****. I've played them all so many times already. It'd be nice to have another way to get the marks. Just when I thought my problems were over. >.>

Anybody else run into this problem?
Yes, you folks were farming a short mission until the average play time of the mission got so low that it no longer counted. So, you kind of killed it by farming it. There are many other short missions out there if you look for them.