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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
1.) Armor does not have diminishing returns.

It just seems that way because what the armor is actually doing versus what you think it's doing, is not the same thing.

Explained here.
Actually, I checked it today on my Nebula after discussing it with a fleetie.

Base (No Neutronium MK XI blues): Kinetic 2.0% energy types: 14.4%

1 Neutronium : K=16.3 (+14.3) E=25.3 (+10.9)
2 Neuts' : K=26.7 (+10.4) E=33.6 (+8.3)

If Armor has no dimininshing returns, it would be +14.3 and +10.9 for each Neut Mk XI Blue I wouldve added.

Also, when plugging in the information into an excel spreadsheet and then making a line graph with it, the 1-2 point has a weaker slope than the 0-1 does, it actually "kinks". There would be no "kinks" if it was a (reasonable) perfect liner progression.

This is very parallel to the diminishing returns experienced with RCS Accelerators.

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