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Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
Here's some interesting info for all of you..

I have two bugs. One on my fed and one on my KDF. Both are tacs and both have almost identical builds (phaser on fed and polaron on KDF which means I have to put more points into flow capacitors on my KDF).

My fed can outtank my KDF. KDF has HG MK XII shield and Fed has Maco MK XII shield. I find it more of a challenge to keep my shields up on my KDF. Waiting to see if the adapted HG shield (maco for KDF) actually makes the difference.

But KDF shields stink to high heaven!

UPDATE: and oh.. I can't cloak so why don't I get the same shield heal on my KDF that I get on my fed? Either allow me to equip a cloak on that ship and be all non-canon, or give me shields comparable to my Fed
You are aware the KHG shield, being Covariat (huge cap, nerfed regen speed) w/ a built in placate functions *very* differently from the MACO Shield... which is a Resilient (5% Bleedthrough, 5% Absorbtion) with a built-in power boost (functionally +10 to everything when under heavy fire) right?