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12-18-2012, 01:18 AM
Balance in this game could be a lot better. That being said the whole point of boot camp is to show people the fun that PvP holds, when you no longer rely on gear and procs. Despite all the spam that is coming our way, PvP in this game is not very gear dependent. I don't know of anyone associated with this initiative who would like to change this. I have successfully PvPed with blue MK XI gear and a bunch of geen and white doffs. We want to help people achieve the same thing. Avoid a few skills, understand the baiscs of the skill tree, know you class, and understand teamwork.... your good to go.
I'll take a pvp vet in an RA ship with white gear only any day over the omegaeverythng noob with an ?berPvE build kirking in the queues.
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