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There is an extremely small amount of "diminishing returns" due to armor scaling off at 75%. However each console essentially adds the same as the last. There's a translation between the tooltip resistance and the effective in-game resistance which is too convoluted (and it's way too late at night here) for me to get into, but neutroniums (or any other armor) stack just fine.
Simpler version of what shimmerless said:

Due to the cap at 75%, as you increase the amount of resistance you have, each added point of defense will add less to your total resistance.

I.E. 10 resist will give you 10% defense, but 20 resist will only give you 18%.

They do this so you have to have 200 armor (or 5 mk XII purple specialty consoles) to hit the 75% resist. It's basically to force you to have to work hard to tank, and have a build specifically for tanking and nothing else, but only if you want to hit the hard cap.
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