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12-18-2012, 01:41 AM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Really? Where was the Vesta (Aventine) seen? Ive read the Destiny series but have never seen it on screen.

The canon restriction is gone the day the Vesta went on sale
It actually already went out of the window with the Luna.
However with those two ships the situation is a bit different because they're not from another game company (=potential competitor) or someone who does not really exist any more (like Microprose) and it's also in some ways a method for Pocket Books to promote the ships that are featured in their books.
But despite this, it still took Cryptic god knows how long to get the Vesta ingame.

So while stuff from Pocket Books is at least possible, stuff from everyone else seems to be beyond Cryptic's reach.

I also fear the response to stuff like the Qang class (with soft-canon conditions similar to those of the Luna) will probably be "not worth the effort".