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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Ok suppose Im about to face you in PVP
I go onto "spy central" and find out your weapons rig and consoles

suppose you are tetryon heavy
I change my ARMOUR and Shields to counter

suppose you are armoured against plasma
I change my weapons load to remove plasma and replace with Tricobalt

with even BASIC info some people will CHEAT
most of what you write here is visible in the game anyway...i see if you use tetryons, i see if you use plasma torps...i see your antimatter spread, etc...

other console stups are just a nobrainer...a good fleet tac escort retrofit will be using 5 consoles of the same energy type, or some builds for PVP are "just" cookie cutter builds with little modifications.

so the infos you can get are available anyway to a certain degree, you just need to look carefully and have an idea of how the gamemechanic functions...this takes dedication ofcourse...with this new tool the less dedicated have a little edge now, if they actually use that info, which is doubtfull given the experiance from other MMOs with such tools.
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