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12-18-2012, 03:42 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
if all you have done is play pve and never pvp'ed, its likely your ship only operates at about 10% of its potential. but thats ok, theres no were to go from there but up!
Lol arrogant much? I never pvp and my ship operates at about 95% of its potential with the other 5% sacrificed for pve specialisation.

This game is so simple there is no excuse for you to have your ship perform well in one area and poorly in the other unless you are deliberately penalising yourself by using plasma weapons (which I am, even then I often top damage done in pugs).

A properly fit PVE ship is damn similar to a properly built PVP ship the only difference between the 2 environments is that PVP REQUIRES teamwork.