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12-18-2012, 04:23 AM
even if they are small there is dim-Re and in his game 2-3+% is not small it's actually pretty big. We're talking up to 15-20+% Dimre in a divice that gives 20% on the extremely high end on the spectrum so you could very well lose an entire item and around 34+M, that's nothing to baulk at as an elite level pvper. That is something to be very-very-very concerned about unless you have the money to throw away then it's fine but most players don't have that kind of money to kick around. It will still be higher of course then a player who only uses one in leaps and bounds but there is still a dim-re. They will not let us be 100% invunerable to damage since everyone would get the 20% to all damage and get like 5-6 of them.

Now weapons tech does not give dimre so you can be as stack crazy as you want with that.

In a way I am happy that polaron for some crazy reason is becoming the new standard for ships. Though I must admit seeing DHC's on a Fed ship just gives me pauses but atleast I won't be seeing that ugly violet all that often and that will be a good trade off. (I'm not really all that sure why a ship with any large amount of people 10+ would be fish tailing and firing cannons like a fighter jet anyway, i mean it just does not make sense, the people inside should be soup and going through crazy bouts of vertigo or something.)

But seriously I think we should stop discussing many topics like this before they go back and nerf that as well.... I feel kind of bad for the guys that did not get the tier four early ad now have to get the 50.6 regen all because players couldn't stop running their flappers kinda messed up how that works out. When we figure out something the dev's and mods don't know then it should become a state secret or something lol so they don't nerf it for months to come. That was like the fastest nerf ever. I've never seen them move so fast to do anything, oh well.