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12-18-2012, 04:32 AM
That Vesta is by far the most interesting ship I have seen thus far. A ship that does not need to be 125 to weapons to do damage? How interesting so you can run a 25/75/120/25 build on her or even higher specially if you have only aux generated weapons and not oly that you can shift your focus to something that will make a eng great instead of making a hybrid between the two.

Players complained about Sci's and Eng's not having something and now they have the vesta a ship that will allow them to fight with the big boys, welcome to battle 101 lol if you are dying in a ship that has that high aux and xheilds then you really really really wasn't ready for the spot light to fall on you. the weapons are set and forget so all you have to do is concentrate on tanking and slashing and staying alive while your weapons are punching holes into your enemies and saying to tac's look at me now bitches!

If ou can't make the Vesta Respectable as an eng or a sci you should prolly stop complaining. That way people won't say you are talented or something because their is no reason I can understand how a fortifiable gun platform like the Vesta should be lacking. She is an incredible girl, wow, what a woman.